(click here >>) April 2019 -- 

(click here >>) March 2019 -- PRESIDENT'S MESSAGE | Experience that feeling when encountering a well composed bonsai.  Everything works synergistically: branch placement, foliage mass, planting angle, the texture and finish of the container, in combination with accent plant and backdrop. | An article by Mike Britton on Bonsai Ecology and a summary update on the 50th Anniversary Show. | Part 2 of RMBS Heritage trees written by Pat Deutschman and features Mr. Bill Hosokawa. |  RMBS ARTIST SPOTLIGHT features Will Kerns.

(click here >>) February 2019 -- PRESIDENT'S MESSAGE | Setting our sights for the 50th Annual Bonsai Show and activities to do during February; pruning deciduous trees and removing other branches to improve the overall ramification of a tree.  An excellent article on some of the Heritage trees and remarks from Larry Jackel about the building of the Japanese Garden at DBG.

(click here >>) January 2019 -- PRESIDENT'S MESSAGE | What to do during the January and February months and a welcome to John Anderson and a note about the UTE indian tribe in Colorado.  A very interesting bio of Leslie Siroky, RMBS' 2018 Artist of the Year.  RMBS Heritage trees, an informative research by Pat Deutschman which show some of our oldest trees collected and developed by some of our distinguished members from the late 70's and early 80's.

(click here >>) December 2018 --  PRESIDENT'S MESSAGE | RMBS' new president, Andy Berry, MD, introduces himself, his interest in Bonsai and the vision he has for his tenure.  SCHEDULE OF MEETINGS AND ACTIVITIES | 2019's 1st Quarter of Programs and Activi ties listed.  ANNUAL SHOW UPDATE | The Annual Show Chair, Mike Britten list the scope of the 50th Annual Show and what each member can do to assist, especially with preparing their tree or trees for display.  MEMBER FORUM | Mike Horine provided and excellent article on Winter Tool Maintenance and listed several informative URLs on taking care of your bonsai tools.