May 20th (Workshop) - May 23rd (Monthly Meeting)

Mauro Stemberger
Saturday Workshop - May 20th
Monthly Meeting - May 23rd
Mauro Stemberger was born 1978 in Feltre , Italy, and works as Architect and Bonsai artist. At the age of 14 was fascinated about Bonsai Art and started his passion with the local Bonsai club Feltre. During period from 1994-2001 he had the change to join workshops with important European bonsai masters like , Hotsumi Terakawa , Marc Noelander , Horst Crekler , Edoardo Rossi and much more. In 2002 during a meeting in Arco hi has the change to meet Alfiero Suardi and Enrico Savini thanks to them he could improve his technique and in the main time studied architecture at IUAV university in Venice. In 2005 founded the Italian Bonsai Dream workshop place with a group of enthusiast to work and enjoy bonsai art 360°.
In 2006 graduated as Architect and start working in his own town.  From 2007 he’s writing articles for the most important bonsai magazines like Bonsai Focus, UBI bonsai and BCI bonsai & stone appreciation magazine.