Bonsai Pot Vendors

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Colorado Local Pot VendorsCustom, Chinese, Japanese Pots

 Accent On Pots: Custom Pots

Aatelier Bonsai Element by Erik Križovenský:  Custom Cement Pots

Anderson Plastic Pots - Stuewe & Sons  New 04/07/2015  Great place to order Anderson plastic training pots for a reasonable price.

Basically Bonsai: Imported Pots

Bjorvala Bonsai Studio: Antique Pots  New 08-13-2015

Bogan’s Bonsai: Imported, Custom Pots by Various Artists

Bonsai Mart: Ceramic, Chinese and Mica Pots

Bonsai Northwest:  Japanese, Korean and Chinese

Bonsai Outlet: Plastic, Commercial, Yixing, Tokoname and Sara Rayner  Netherlands Custom Pots

Bonsai Pottery (China Mist): Custom British Pots

Bonsai Pots by Sergio Onodera: Custom Brazilian Potter

Bonsai Vision: Japanese, Korean and US Custom Pots  Ebay Store  Updated 9-12-2014  E bay prices may be higher then web site.

Bryan Albright: Custom European Potter

Byron Myrick-Pottery:  Custom Pots

Cass Bonsai Gardens   Large speciality pots  New 06-22-2015

Ceramic Studio: Czech Custom Pots

Certre: Italian Custom Pots

Dale Cochoy: Custom Pots

Dan Barton: UK Custom Pots

Dallas Bonsai:   Ceramic, Plastic and Tokoname Pots

DaSu: Custom and Import Pots

drygel: Ebay Seller – Rock Pots

Eagleville Bonsai: Custom Pots – Online Store and Ebay Store

Erin Bonsai: UK Custom Pots   Video

Essence of the Tree: Mica Pots

Greg Ceramics: French Custom Pots

Green Dragon Bonsai: UK Commercial Pots

Green Thumb Bonsai: Mica Pots

H&F Import Bonsai Pots & Supplies Inc: Ceramic Pots Importer

HH Pots: Austria Custom Pots

Holivila Bonsai Pots:  Custom Scandinavian Pots  New 12-29-2014 

Iker Bonsai Pottery: Custom Pots

Japanesebonsaipots:  Ebay Seller

Joes Bonsais: Ebay Seller including Sara Rayner Pots

John Pitt Bonsai Ceramics: UK Custom Pots

Jupiter Bonsai: Mica Pots

kaedebonsai-en:  Ebay Store Japanese Pots  New 11-29-2014

Kaizen Bonsai – Graham Potter: Uk - Large Selection

kei1974819: Ebay Seller (Japanese/Tokoname)

Koju-en: Japanese Porcelain Pots

Kristian Holvila-Swedish Potter: Ebay Store Custom Pots

KUSAMONO – GRASBONSAI: European Custom Pots Various Artists

Lang Bonsai Containers: Custom Pots

Legendary Art:  Custom Pots

Lous Bonsai – Japanese, Chinese and Tokoname

MC2 Pottery: Custom Pots

MB-Bonsaischalen: European Custom Pots

Matsu Momiji: US Various Artists & Japanese Pots and More Artists

MG-Gar: Polish Custom Pots

Miami Tropical Bonsai: Ceramic and Plastic Pots

Michigander Pots: Man Made Rock Pots

Miniature-Bonsai:  Mame and Shohin Pots  New 11-21-2015

Mostly Japaan: Ebay Store Older and Newer Japanese Pots  New 9-21-2014

Myric Bonsai Pottery: US Custom Pots  New 03-09-2015

Nitju Clayworks: US Custom Pots

Old Tree Bonsai: Chinese, Japanese and Mica Pots

Peter Krebs: German Custom Pots

Petra Hahn: German Custom Pots

Poterie de Pymoyen:French Custom Pots

Pots for Bonsai: UK Custom Pots

Pottery by Kitoi: US Custom Pots

Pravoslav Dorda: Czech Custom Pots & Current Inventory

River Bends Gardens: Mica Pots

Rockport Pottery: Custom Pots

Sara Rayner: Custom Pots

Shibui Bonsai: Tokoname Pots

Sperling Keramik: German Custom Pots

Stone Monkey Ceramics: UK Custom Pots

Taiko Earth Pottery: Custom Pots

Tokoname Bonsai Pots: Pots from the Tokoname area in Japan

tokonamejp: Tokoname Pots Ebay Store  New 11-18-2014

Tony Remmington Bonsai Pots Web Site    Ebay

Walsall Studio Ceramics:  UK Custom Pots

Wee Tree Farm: Ceramic, Plastic, Mica

Wild Things Bonsai Studio and Yakimono: Custom Pots