2017 RMBS Board of Directors

Rocky Mountain Bonsai Society
Board of Directors for 2017

President: Tom Anglewicz; email Tanglewicz@mac.com  cell  (619) 933-0887

Vice President/Director of Education: Bob Randall; email michiganderbob@outlook.com cell (575) 779-8052

Secretary, Newsletter and Membershipr: David McPeters email dlmcpeters@msn.com cell (720) 470-7199

Treasurer: Adam Johnson, CPA email adam.johnson.cpa@gmail.com cell (303) 921-5860

Immediate Past President: Todd Schlafer email rschlafer@aol.com cell (720) 309-0060

Program Chair and Community Outreach: Todd Schlafer email rschlafer@aol.com cell (720) 309-0060 

Annual Show Chairman: Larry Jackel email lajackel@comcast.necell (303) 919-9359

Librarian: Stan Tarum email Stantarum@comcast.net cell (303) 987-0239

Member at Large: Chris Rausch, MD email Rausch.chris@gmail.com   cell (303) 681-6582

Member at Large: Stephen Lee email stephenchris@rkymtnhi.com cell (970) 725-3910

Member at Large: Mike Horine email Reddeer1956@comcast.net cell (303) 699-0780

Member at Large: Charlie Sisk email jacsisk@comcast.net  cell (303) 421-1886

Member at Large: Terril Samuelson email Terrilsa@comcast.net  cell (303) 263-7153

Member at Large: Wayne Berve email wayneberve@msn.com

Members at Large (Annual Viewing Stone Show Co-Chairs):

      Allan Hills: emailf.allanhills@yahoo.com cell (303) 423-3783

      Darrell Whitley email Whitley@cs.colostate.edu cell (970) 493-7265